Advisory Bodies

Provincial Advisory Group (PAG)

A Provincial Advisory Group (PAG) is in place to provide advice to the Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee about operational issues, as well as to inform strategic and policy direction. PAG reports to the Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee through its Chair.

Input from PAG ensures that the pCODR drug review process, and the resulting recommendations, meet the needs of participating provinces/territories and cancer agencies for evidence-based recommendations that guide drug funding decisions. Issues brought forward by PAG may include considerations related to the implementation of recommendations, advice around consultation and information exchange, and information about emerging trends in the development and use of cancer drugs.

All members of the PAG must comply with the following:


The PAG consists of appointed representatives from each of the participating provincial/territorial Ministries of Health and provincial cancer agencies.


Marc Geirnaert | COI
CancerCare Manitoba
Lyndee Yeung | COI
Ontario Health
Helen Anderson | COI
British Columbia Cancer Agency
Edmond Margawang | COI
British Columbia Ministry of Health Services
Lynne Nakashima  | COI
British Columbia Cancer Agency
Sandra Rees | COI
Alberta Health
Carole Chambers | COI
Alberta Health Services
Position Vacant
Darryl Boehm | COI
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Position Vacant
Danica Wasney | COI
CancerCare Manitoba
Laureen Rance | COI
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Nicole Cluett | COI
Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness
Erica Craig | COI
New Brunswick Cancer Network
Joanne Houlihan | COI
Cancer Care Nova Scotia
Amanda Hunt | COI
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Health and Community Services
Jaclyn McCarville  | COI
New Brunswick Ministry of Health
Nicole MacDonald  | COI
Eastern Health in Newfoundland and Labrador
Position Vacant | 
Position Vacant | 
Michel Trottier | COI
Indigenous Services Canada / Government of Canada
Gunita Mitera |  COI
Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA)