Fee for Scientific Advice

For the required fee, CADTH provides high-quality, thoughtfully considered Scientific Advice that is informed, specific, timely, and fit for purpose. The Scientific Advice is based on background information and questions or issues identified in a Briefing Book prepared by the applicant. CADTH Scientific Advice is provided verbally at one three (3)-hour Scientific Advice meeting, where experienced CADTH staff — along with leading clinical, health economics, and/or methodological experts — will participate in open dialogue and provide responses to the identified questions or issues. Following the meeting, CADTH will provide a written Record of Scientific Advice. There is one opportunity provided for the applicant to obtain written and verbal clarification of the Record of Scientific Advice before CADTH issues the final document as the output of the Program. CADTH Scientific Advice is non-binding and confidential.

The fee for CADTH Scientific Advice ranges from $80,000 to $125,000 based on the scale of the project. All fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to applicable taxes (GST/HST or QST). The total fee will be determined following the submission of the Briefing Book. A representative of the CADTH Scientific Advice program will contact you to discuss the total fee once the submission is assessed. Please see the Fee Schedule for Scientific Advice for detailed information on payment of fees for this service.